Device not powering on and other start-up issues

Quicker service than the Genius Bar! Are you having trouble booting your MacBook or iMac? Or does your device not turn on at all? Perhaps it does turn on but shuts down almost immediately? First thing’s first — these issues are incredibly commonplace and not a cause for concern. Simply leave your device to us, and our experienced team will have it running like brand new, regardless of the problem!
Now, if you’ve ever approached Apple directly for repairs, you’ll have been stunned to hear repair quotes that are flat rates for “fixing everything”. Quotes that sometimes exceed a thousand pounds! Well, this happens because Apple tends to fit customers into a particular repair tier without actually considering the problem at hand. As such, the quote is often far higher than actually necessary. With us, though, you get a service that is nearly half Apple’s price! Why? Well, because we target your situation specifically and charge you for nothing else!

What’s causing the problem?

We offer a FREE estimate. Our specific service prices, though, will vary depending on device year and model. If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Also, provide us with as many details as possible — prior repair history, model number, upgrade requirements — and we’ll be able to help you even better! That’s not all, though. Once you book a repair with us, rest assured we will keep you updated through every step of the process.


If your device is completely dead, we will need to inspect it first-hand to diagnose it correctly. We’ll open up your device, identify the issue, and give you free estimates, meaning you have nothing to lose! Going ahead with the repair is a choice, not an obligation. Not to mention, you get to know what the actual issue is free of charge!

Why pick us for repairs and no one else?


Apple refuses to offer support on their own devices if they are older than 5 years, classing them as “vintage”. Have a look here:

However, WE fix Macs of any age with the help of our certified and iTechnician approved technicians as well as 20+ years of experience!

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